la valencia hotel

posted May 15th, 2014

love the colors -- no filters used
more pink!
i was in san diego (la jolla) for a quick work trip on tuesday, and i had the evening free. i asked my friend glen where i should go, and he said the la valencia hotel had one of the best views. he was right. my coworker and i had dinner on the terrace and we watched the sun go down. i should mention the temperature was 90 degrees. it was so amazing. i don’t know why glen (and jean) moved from there to minnesota. they are nuts!


posted May 14th, 2014

along the river
portland or
march 24, 2014
impossible project color film for sx-70-type cameras

etsy :

posted May 13th, 2014

etsy : : fade out nesting doll
fade out nesting doll

photo credit:

farewell friend, for now

posted May 12th, 2014

i was in southern minnesota last week for work, and as the caravan prepared to make the trek back to minneapolis, for some crazy reason we were all hugging, all of us who have met each other no more than 3 times but work in different states, and i had my sturdy sx-70 in my left hand, and as a coworker from chicago reached out to hug me, she accidentally knocked my camera out of my hand (i was about to document albert lea with instant film). i’ve been carrying this camera with me everywhere, everyday, for 3+ years. it bounced back after a bottle of oj leaked in my bag in amsterdam in 2011. it didn’t bounce back after a bottle of water leaked in my bag in new york last year (i need to stop putting bottles of liquid in my bag), but i was able to send it out to be repaired and it came back as good as new. but this might be the end — the number of pieces leads me to think that a fix would be too spendy. so farewell friend, for now, but i will save you and your pieces. maybe we’ll connect again someday.


posted May 9th, 2014

my favorite ones
i’ve been wanting to put my work on moleskine cahier journals for a while, and last weekend i made a bunch of art history houses (that’s what i’m calling them now) on paper. they look pretty good, but i’m not feeling the OH MY GOD I MADE SOMETHING I LOVE feeling i got when i made the wood version.

so, i’ll wait a bit, see if they grow on me. if they do, they’ll end up in my etsy shop. if they don’t end up there, guess what you’re getting for christmas?


posted May 8th, 2014

missing new york
somewhere between broadway & 7th avenue
new york ny
april 20, 2014
impossible project color film for sx-70-type cameras

for the makers

posted May 7th, 2014

gave me a for the makers box for my birthday! it’s my first, and i love the idea: diy projects, with all the materials, in a box. i’ve already made the earrings, and i look forward to making the other projects!

etsy : loose petals

posted May 6th, 2014

etsy : loose petals : berlin, germany skyline - 8 x 10 vertical wall art poster print
find your favorite city!

photo credit: loose petals

speaking of berlin, artist stephanie levy has put together berlin art + adventure workshops! go to berlin in june or september, and experience berlin culture, enjoy daily creative time with stephanie, and meet other adventurers. i’m considering the september session…

my favorite oregon photo

posted May 5th, 2014

the color is perfect, even though it's a little off...
haystack rock
cannon beach or
march 23, 2014
impossible project color film for sx-70-type cameras


posted May 2nd, 2014

i have some gorgeous tulips and fabulous gerbera daisies right now, and i couldn’t help but blow through a bunch of instant film before heading to the office the other day.

the 415 building

posted May 1st, 2014

i want this building
415 sw 10th ave
portland or
march 23, 2014
impossible project color film for sx-70-type cameras

new stamp

posted April 30th, 2014

i picked up this stamp at kinokuniya when i was in new york. it’s a perfect match to my crankiness and my potty mouth.

etsy : cor pottery

posted April 29th, 2014

etsy : cor pottery : handmade custom ceramic spoons in hazelnut brown clay glazed buyer's choice
ceramic spoons.

photo credit: cor pottery


posted April 28th, 2014

and then i wandered...
sigmar polke & gauguin
new york ny
april 19, 2014
impossible project color film for 600-type cameras

paper goods books

posted April 25th, 2014

i can't wait!
when i was in new york last weekend, i was wandering around and realized kinokuniya was right around the corner. i debated whether i should just keep going since i can’t walk out of that book store without buying stuff. but i’m so glad i did: i found 2 paper goods books which not only have instructions on how to make little books, but they also contain the paper. one of them even has the book board within, making it so easy to sit down with my tools and some glue and make books. now the only thing i need to do is find the time!

oregon shore

posted April 24th, 2014

near haystack rock
near haystack rock
cannon beach or
march 23, 2014
impossible project color film for sx-70-type cameras

new york april 2014

posted April 23rd, 2014

howard beach station
59th street bridge from roosevelt island
roosevelt island
empire state building
high line
chrystler building
easter bonnet parade
madison square park
union square
west village
west village
i was in manhattan last weekend for 4 days, and it was exactly what i needed to recharge.

etsy : vitrifiedstudio

posted April 22nd, 2014

etsy : vitrifiedstudio : white corked cellar - porcelain lidded container
white corked cellar – porcelain lidded container.

photo credit: vitrifiedstudio etsy shop

charles avenue

posted April 21st, 2014

i love boston
morning run with polaroid camera (it was a short trip for work)
boston ma
march 28, 2014
impossible project color film for sx-70-type cameras


posted April 18th, 2014

LOVE this shot
outside a flower shop
portland or
march 24, 2014
impossible project color film for sx-70-type cameras