super blanket!

posted March 21st, 2014

i recently became obsessed with the colors used in every blanket in every photo of the purl bee’s super easy blankets post. so i decided to try to design a giant super blanket using the fabulous colors: i took screen shots of each yarn offering, used the eyedropper tool in photoshop to get a solid color value, and then arranged the colors. i’m still not sure if this is the right composition, but i’m not in a hurry because i have other knitting projects to finish. it’ll be a good project for next winter.

spring break!

posted March 20th, 2014

trip ephmera
i don’t have class this weekend — i guess you call that spring break? so tonight i’m heading west. i’m landing in seattle, where i’ll meet krissy, and then we’ll go to tacoma to see chandler and her exhibit you’ll like tacoma, and then krissy and i are driving to portland, which i’ve never been to, and we’ll see jen and we’ll go to cannon beach, which i’ve wanted to go since i was a kid. i’m obsessed with tide pools but have never seen one in person. there will be craft beer, good eats, and portland twee, and even if it rains the whole time it’ll be warmer than minnesota.

happy spring!

purple & orange

posted March 19th, 2014

great color combo
retro @ pete’s
st paul mn
march 16, 2014
impossible project 600 color frames

taken with my new supercolor

etsy : jikits

posted March 18th, 2014

esty : jikits : cact-eye papier mache wall art

photo credit: jikits etsy shop


posted March 17th, 2014

the box was dirty and it smelled pretty musty. couldn't wait to wash my hands when i got back to the hotel.
when i was in berlin at the beginning of the year, i found a polaroid supercolor camera at the boxhagener platz flea market. it was 15 euro and it worked! great timing, too, because right before i left for the trip i discovered my only other cheap-o 600 polaroid camera from target had stopped working.

the corner

posted March 14th, 2014

the corner
in october 2013, my dad sold the home we grew up in.
this is the corner on the last day he lived there.

corner iv

posted March 13th, 2014

in october 1987, my mom was a student in a drawing class at mcad.
this is one of her drawings.

corner iii

posted March 12th, 2014

in october 1987, my mom was a student in a drawing class at mcad.
this is one of her drawings.

corner ii

posted March 11th, 2014

in october 1987, my mom was a student in a drawing class at mcad.
this is one of her drawings.

corner i

posted March 10th, 2014

in october 1987, my mom was a student in a drawing class at mcad.
this is one of her drawings.

metzer straße

posted March 7th, 2014

the graffit was a neon teal, yet is so washed out here...
december 28, 2013
expired polaroid 600 film

i still have a little bit of polaroid film left, but it’s fading fast…


posted March 6th, 2014

knit a full skein over the weekend
i’m halfway through my blanket! it’s big enough to cover my lap as i knit, and it is so warm. which has been needed, because spring is a long way away for us.

the oldest street in hamburg

posted March 5th, 2014

where the "great fire" of 1842 started
december 31, 2013
impossible project 600 color frames

etsy : marinski handmades

posted March 4th, 2014

etsy : marinski handmades : serving bowl with character
a serving bowl with character from croatia. i’m partial to orange, but there are many other wonderful options!

photo credit: marinski handmades

autumn in mass.

posted March 3rd, 2014

october seems years ago
the ‘burbs
boston ma
october 24, 2013
impossible project px 680 color protection

from a quick work trip. i stayed with a coworker at her sister’s home in the ‘burbs of boston. we watched the first game of the world series and drank waaaaay too much champagne the night before a day-long meeting. there was no time for exploring boston, but i was able to get a lobster roll at 6:30am at the airport before the flight home. it was fabulous.

postscript: good god, please tell me we’ll see some sign of a season other than winter in the month of march.

wormy monster

posted February 28th, 2014

berlin has the best graffiti. ever.
saarbrücker straße
december 29, 2013
impossible project 600 color frames

weekly habit on instagram

posted February 27th, 2014

i've had worse habits...
it’s week 11 of my weekly habit. here are the last 10. do you follow me on instagram?

NEW! east berlin polaroid magnets

posted February 26th, 2014

east berlin polaroid magnets
it’s been a while since i’ve added something new to my etsy shop, so i’m really excited about my newest set of polaroid magnets: east berlin! all photos in this set where taken by me between december 27, 2013 and january 3, 2014 in east berlin. this is my first set using only impossible project film, and i couldn’t be happier with the results! if you have a love for berlin, you can find them in my etsy shop here.

etsy : bellopop

posted February 25th, 2014

etsy : bellopop : decorative matchboxes - set of 9
how gorgeous are these matchboxes?!

photo credit: bellopop

streetcar 2

posted February 24th, 2014

this is the time of year i usually go to SF... really wish i was headed there this week
the embarcadaro
san francisco ca
november 24, 2013
impossible project px 680 color protection