what is pARTy?

i reference pARTy quite a bit in my posts. so what the heck is it?

pARTy is typically a friday night event, held every few months, where my friends gather at my house and we make an art/craft project, and drink a lot of wine. cheese is also served.

pARTy started as a result of my over-excitement about new ideas. i like taking classes, then i go a little too crazy about buying supplies. therefore, i have a ton of glass from my stained glass days, and a massive amount of paper for bookmaking. why not share what i’ve learned and reduce the amount stuff in my studio? we’ve been doing it since 2003 and here’s a short list of our projects:

- books (case-bound, stab-bound, accordion-fold, travel journals, garden journals…)
- polaroid transfers
- collage
- art glass and jewelry

we do sometimes veer off into different directions (natural cleaning products, soap making), but the goal is to create cool, functional stuff we like.

pARTy sometimes travels to other homes. and sometimes i take a few months off to re-group and come up with new ideas. but i really enjoy it and hope to continue for years to come! keep track of pARTy activities by visiting the pARTy category.

and hold your own pARTies! most of the crafts in the make it! category are things we’ve made or are thinking of making. you just need the key supplies, a group of friends, a workspace, wine, and cheese!

i have taken pARTy on the road. at this time i’m not making this a business venture, but i have entertained the idea of renting myself out to facilitate other people’s pARTies. if you’d like to inquire more, email me at fish {at} paintedfishstudio {dot} com, and we’ll go from there.