oh, nostalgia

the other night i found these mrs. grossman’s stickers, and started to get nostalgic for things i didn’t save. the top of my list? my first swatch. it would be so fun to find that in a box or drawer. then i got to thinking: what else from my childhood would i love to see again? my list:

an esprit totebag
a benetton sweatshirt
my “pretty in pink” movie poster from the winsted theater
esprit denim ads, collected from teen & fashion magazines
cassettes (but only a few, not all of them)
my sticker books
rainbow sheets
pazzaz mousse
verve (the teal one)
the big, chunky jewelry i would wear
trapper keepers
maybelline purple eyeshadow

my list is circa age 12-14. it was such an exciting time for me. no longer a little kid, i guess, and starting to really figure out the stuff i like. i miss that “me” from that time. and i miss my swatch.

all that from a few heart-shaped stickers.

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3 responses to “oh, nostalgia”

  1. shona LALA dex press says:

    I forgot about Mrs. Grossman’s stickers!!!!

    The one thing that I miss, and I’m sure that it’s better left a memory, is my Stephen Sprouse sweater. Currently in my car is my REM “Life’s Rich Pageant” tape (‘cuz my car has a tape player) which is the very tape that I bought when it came out my freshman year of high school. Still plays great & it’s still an awesome album.

  2. heather says:

    i love it and remember that girl so well! i also miss my swatch.

  3. jackie says:

    Wow, even though you haven’t saved everything you certainly have a time travel treasure trove. This post gave me a lot of flashbacks as well, although I was much older – in college.
    I once had a friend of mine take some pictures of me to send to Esprit, because they were running some sort of contest, Swatches – I had at least 4 different ones. Aside from that, I’m betting you were way, way, way cooler than me.

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