it started with the free fisher price airport a guy up the street gave me. i had to get the airplane (for my niece), so i went to ebay. after purchasing the airplane, i poked around on ebay a little more, and OH MY GOD THE SESAME STREET PLAYHOUSE! i had to have it. we didn’t have the airport or plane as a kid, but we did have the sesame street playhouse. i LOVED it. i loved setting up the rooms, and there were so many characters to move around and make stories about. so i bought that on ebay. for my niece.

when the playhouse arrived, i scrubbed everything down, then started to put things in place. and as i was setting up mr hooper’s store, it seemed natural for gordon to sit there. and in my head i heard mr hooper & gordon shoot the shit over morning coffee. so i took a photo and posted it on instagram with that caption.

and then a whole bunch of other stories came to me. and i bought all of the characters that didn’t come with my original purchase.

right now, one of my favorite things to do when i don’t want to be a grownup is drink too much beer, and block scenes for future stories. i’ve got about 10 more vignettes written, and lots of ideas noted. and i’ve got a friend lined up to let me know when they’re no longer funny and it’s time for me to quit.

to see them when they are first posted: you can follow me on instagram. or you can search for #sesamestory in instagram at your leisure. or you can use this link to add the tag to your RSS feed. additionally, i’ll post them on this blog, putting them into the #sesamestreet category. here’s the first one, and i’ll slowly catch you up to the latest vignette over the next few months:

mr hooper & gordon shoot the shit over morning coffee.
mr hooper & gordon shoot the shit over morning coffee.

8 responses to “#sesamestory”

  1. jess says:

    These are my favorite thing ever.

  2. shona LALA dex press says:

    I love how not being a grown-up involves drinking too much beer!

    I used to have this set when I was a little kid, but back then no one was shootin’ any shit.

    Incidentally, acting like a grown-up, I drank a beer and cranked some Stones (while doing the dishes because grown-ups do dishes, I guess) and came to the conclusion that if I ever have to resort to being a stripped to pay the mortgage, Sweet Virginia is a kick-ass stripper song!

  3. shona LALA dex press says:

    that should have read “resort to being a stripper”

  4. Alex Sunday says:

    This is awesome. I particularly love that you have a friend lined up to tell you when it’s no longer funny.

  5. Jesse says:

    This is such a cool idea!

  6. Krissy says:

    haha, I’m not sure when it’ll resort to no longer being funny…

  7. Krissy says:

    cause it’s hilarious ;)

  8. Suzanne Ostvig says:

    I was wondering how this all came about. I love to read them. Now I’m wondering if your niece will bring out other fun stuff.

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