farewell friend, for now

i was in southern minnesota last week for work, and as the caravan prepared to make the trek back to minneapolis, for some crazy reason we were all hugging, all of us who have met each other no more than 3 times but work in different states, and i had my sturdy sx-70 in my left hand, and as a coworker from chicago reached out to hug me, she accidentally knocked my camera out of my hand (i was about to document albert lea with instant film). i’ve been carrying this camera with me everywhere, everyday, for 3+ years. it bounced back after a bottle of oj leaked in my bag in amsterdam in 2011. it didn’t bounce back after a bottle of water leaked in my bag in new york last year (i need to stop putting bottles of liquid in my bag), but i was able to send it out to be repaired and it came back as good as new. but this might be the end — the number of pieces leads me to think that a fix would be too spendy. so farewell friend, for now, but i will save you and your pieces. maybe we’ll connect again someday.

3 responses to “farewell friend, for now”

  1. alex sunday says:

    oh, that’s sad. :(

  2. shona LALA dex press says:

    RIP dear friend

    I once overturned a “doggie bag” container of pesto pasta in my purse. Everything was swimming in it- Filofax & all (it was the early 90′s and I had a “career” for which I needed a Fiolfax). Nothing was salvageable.

  3. jen v says:

    Oh no! This is sad! I have one you can use if you’d like. I prefer my 680. Let me know :)

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