object of affection no. 2

big scissors
the second in my exploration of odd objects that i have an attachment to… the first object of affection.

these are the “big scissors”, and were my mom’s scissors. they are rusty. they are dull, but they still cut. they are more than 25 years old. but i can still hear my mom say “go get the big scissors in the middle drawer.”. the big scissors are now in a drawer in my kitchen, and they will move with me to future kitchens until i am no more.

. . . . . . . .

my dear friend anna lives in queensland, australia which is under water. her family lives on a hill and so far are unscathed by the flooding, but she has family, friends, and colleagues that have flooded homes. anna is running a raffle for those that donate at least $5 to the premier’s flood relief appeal. visit her queensland flood relief auction post for more details.

4 responses to “object of affection no. 2”

  1. cindy says:

    this one got me in the heart & all teary. i have my mom’s pinking shears, but will only use them on fabric because that’s what she said to do. i’ll visit anna’s blog today.

  2. Jesse says:

    My mom has an identical pair of scissors. They were always called The scissors; the others were the orange scissors or the small scissors or the new scissors. They made the loveliest sound cutting through new fabric.

  3. aimee says:

    i love the story behind these scissors – i remember when scissors used to look like this, with no cushions or padding in the handles, no ergonomic features. i bet they’re satisfyingly weighty and cut like nothing else. how wonderful that you have this piece of your mom to hold on to.

  4. jackie says:

    i think it’s really, really nice that you are “cataloging” objects of your affection and the stories behind them. because really it’s the stories!

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