stitch & bitch! oct 26

stich & bitch
our first for the fall has been scheduled, and anna has graciously offered to host! i’m not sure what i’ll be making… my last project was the kid silk poncho from fleece artist, and i was so proud of myself! not a dropped stitch! i didn’t run out of yarn! i sewed the 2 pieces together seamlessly, then tried it on – or attempted to: i couldn’t get my head through! i had sewn it so tight. so i folded it up and went outside to enjoy the spring. maybe i’ll work on adjusting that…

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  1. Anna says:

    For a 1st s&b of the season I think it went well. Projects were started, questions were answered, wine was drunk. For myself, I finally figured out how to knit only 14 stitches on size 4 double point needles. Something I was having difficulty making my hands do. Was it the wine that loosened me up or the camaraderie of friends that inspired? Either way, I enjoyed myself.

  2. fish says:

    i, on the other hand, can’t report much success. while trying to undo the seams between 2 poncho pieces, i actually unraveled the knitting instead of the seam. and being that i haven’t knit since may, that means there’s no way i’d remember how to fix it. so i started a washcloth.

    i can’t wait to see the end result of anna’s work. there will definitely be pictures and a post!

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