i finally went to ikea last week to pick up more halogen bulbs for my track lighting in the kitchen. 2 of 5 bulbs burned out over a month ago, and a 3rd died a few weeks ago. i couldn’t deal with my dim kitchen any longer. i went to ikea after class on valentines day, and the drive was awful (rush hour), but i made myself a promise that i could eat a whole roll of KAKOR CHOKLAD (chocolate flavored sandwich cookies) as a reward for getting there, so i soldered on.

i brought a list of a few items that i needed (halogen bulbs, frying pan, kitchen rug, dinnerware for my niece, place mat for dog’s water dish), and i fully intended on sticking to the list, but famous last words… here’s some fun stuff i put into my shopping bag while wandering thru the marketplace:

ikea goodness
current food storage in my kitchen consists of a few ancient pieces of tupperware and a tub that once held chocolate chip cookie dough. that’s how i justified purchasing 2 of these KULLAR lunchboxes: they’re perfect for storing a few servings and they don’t suck.

ikea goodness
do i need coasters? no, but these SKÖTSEL coasters are awesome! can i string them to make kick-ass bunting? yes! or maybe i could use them as coasters: i’ve been thinking about having a party for my 40th birthday this spring, and if i do, i want my house to be full of colorful party shit.

ikea goodness
i’m a sucker for a dishtowel with fish on it. part of the TRENDIG 2013 line.
ikea goodness
ikea goodness
i didn’t have napkins on the list, but these hopped into my shopping bag on their own. they will get used. OERSÄTTLIG and LÅNGVARIG.
ikea goodness
i wanted to get my niece some fun plates for when she comes over, and but i couldn’t find dinnerware that wasn’t breakable. i really liked the plates in the TRENDIG 2013 line, and i don’t think my niece would fling the plates to the floor, but i’m not ready to serve her on stoneware. so i bought small BESÖKA serving trays instead.

ikea goodness
i’m pretty sure the 2 TVIS mats i brought home will be trashed within a week or two. but they were $3.99 each, and the bright color (orange!) was desperately needed.

once home, i snacked on KNÄCKEBRÖD FLERKORN and OST HERRGÅRD®, along with my roll of KAKOR CHOKLAD, and i washed it all down with IPA made in minnesota.

photo credit: all photos from ikea.com

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  1. jackie says:

    eeek. i’m so excited that the KC ikea will be opening this year!

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