a december weekend

my weekend started friday afternoon around lunch time, when i raced out of work and headed over to the willow house holiday craft fair. the setting was cozy and intimate, and the turn out was great despite the many inches of snow and snarled traffic. true to form, i probably spent more than i made at my table:

lavender sachets

i bought lavender sachets from jenn

beeswax candles

beeswax candles from the farm… and mittens for me, made from thrifted sweaters. i also bought greeting cards from the wonderful liv of choosing beauty, and a gnome knitted by kristin.

heather's sculpey stars

saturday night i had the 7th annual holiday pARTy. heather played with clay and made lots of stars and tags. anna worked on her advent calendar. i brought out the ceramic pens, and kathryn decorated plates while ellie drew on tiles to make coasters. jackie and i worked on our christmas cards, and kristin showed a couple of us how to make origami stars. i made trader joe’s gingerbread cake in a DRÖMMAR baking pan from ikea. if you have a trader joe’s near you, go out and buy at least 4 boxes of the gingerbread mix! it’s seasonal, and oh-so-yummy.

freaky toes

sunday i played a game of hockey (score: 0-0). then i painted my toes with gold nail polish. meghan posted her gold toes last week and i couldn’t wait to do mine! my toes are the most festive part about me.

and here we are, monday again. i hope you had a good weekend!

8 responses to “a december weekend”

  1. Anna says:

    Yay for gold toes! It was a pretty good weekend wasn’t it?!

  2. kristin says:

    definately a great weekend!! thanks for all of it jen!

    my plan was to race out to TJ’s and IKEA after school to get my fixin’s for some gingerbread dala, but sadly the weekend took it’s toll on Gael and we are home today nursing him back to good health.

    love the toes!!

  3. Meghan says:

    Love the gold toes!! Doesn’t it make you smile every time you look down at them?

  4. cindy says:

    the lavender sachets look wonderful and i love the idea of those mittens. the party sounds cozy and fun. now, i really want to paint my toes with gold nail polish! it’s a short week … see you friday! it’s cold here, but no snow, yet!

  5. jenn says:

    the fair was a blast! and now my toes feel neglected….

  6. Liv @ Choosing Beauty says:

    I love the wooden bowl backdrop for your festive finds! And the gold toes are to die for. Reminds me I must give my feet some TLC. Pronto.

  7. jackie says:

    ooohh, i need festive toes! right. now.

  8. Ayama says:

    Hey I recognise that lavendar sachet. Thanks and Wa Wa is smelling a friendly kind of yuck.

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