object of affection

my comb
my comb gave up the ghost last week.

it was pretty sad to say goodbye. i bought it in berlin, in a little shop on prenzlauer allee… i was visiting my sister, who was studying there. my silly little comb got the snarls out of my hair post-shower for over 10 years, and i’m going to miss the specifics of that morning ritual.

it’s funny how random objects can carry so much with them…

10 responses to “object of affection”

  1. heather says:

    you can still use what’s left!! i understand.

  2. ali says:

    Yes – sad, especially when there’s a story behind the object. Boots just doesn’t cut it in quite the same way.

  3. Anna says:

    Sniff. Sniff. I have a similar comb that’s starting to crack. Maybe this means you have to go on a vacation somewhere just to find a new comb. Sounds like a good reason to me.

  4. Lynn says:

    Ouch. What a loss. Beautiful comb.
    I posted about a long loved possession lost over the weekend as well. The stories, memories, comfort. Yup. It is funny how much they carry with them.

  5. cindy says:

    they really do become a part of our ‘essence’. i still have my pink vent hair brush/microphone from high school and it looks bizarre. you’ll have to get a new one and start some new memories with it.

  6. aimee says:

    into the comb tomb. i’m sorry!

  7. carissa says:

    That is thee coolest comb i have ever seen! Why do I envision you drawing up plans, and calculations, and creating your very own amazing comb?! Oh, because you’re amazing like that! Sorry about your comb, hope you find a new one!

  8. jackie says:

    i was thinking along the same lines as carissa – you tramping into the woods to find just the right bit of wood, carving it out, sanding it til it’s smooth as a baby’s bottom. however the idea of traveling somewhere to buy a new one sounds more appealing…

  9. UK lass in US says:

    I have a daydream where there’s a shop that sells the same goods year after year, so that I can just return and buy the same thing again when mine breaks / wears out etc. Nothing ever gets discontinued – and I can still find jeans that I like, even in years when the rest of the world is wearing skinniy jeans…

  10. Pascale says:

    Oh, oh, oh! I own a wooden comb too, which I’m really attached to. I must have had it for over 15 years, I guess. It has one tooth missing – I still have it and glued it back on a couple of times already. However, there’s a crack somewhere in the middle which really worries me. I have been trying to anticipate replacement but I can’t seem to find the very same comb anymore. The truth is I have a whole collection of wooden combs by now, but none of them compare to my very old one…

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