giveaway : natural handmade goods idea book

natural handmade goods idea book
i try not to impulse shop. really, i do — i can be pretty frugal. but sometimes, i fail…

natural handmade goods idea book
when i was in manhattan in early october, i met cindy at kinokuniya, the japanese bookstore. and all logic apparently stayed outside on sixth avenue, because i certainly don’t bring it into the bookstore with me.

natural handmade goods idea book
i bought a book based on its front cover, but once i had the opportunity to sit down and really go through it, i realized it wasn’t for me. natural handmade goods idea book is beautiful, and comes with a CD that contains photoshop element files that you can use to create the projects featured in the book, and a 2nd CD that appears to have photoshop elements 6.0 for windows.

natural handmade goods idea book
the projects are super-cute! but not me. also, it’s in japanese, so you’ll need to think a little harder than normal to follow along. but it’ll be worth it!

natural handmade goods idea book
so, leave me a comment to give this book a good home. and to make it fun, leave me a comment about your worst impulse buy. spill it! i have no social life right now while i prep goods for the holidays, so give me some good stuff to laugh at. i will have my pal, random number generator, pick the winner next wednesday (november 10) morning, around 6:30am central time.

updated 11.10.10: the winner of the natural handmade goods idea book is comment #6, aimee!

12 responses to “giveaway : natural handmade goods idea book”

  1. Lynn says:

    I love natural handmade goods! I’m just that kinda gal! The Japanese part? Youch! Could be fun!

    Hard question to respond to. I don’t normally impulse buy. When I do, it’s something I really want and rarely regret. What’s a regrettable or worse impulse buy?
    Foam swords for my three boys. What the heck was I thinking??? I imagined creative and imaginative play. I ended up with injured, crying kids and broken decor. Not cool.

  2. jenn says:

    beautiful book!!! Would love to try to figure it out. Like a puzzle.

    Okay – worst impulse buy or most expensive? Mine would have to be the framed print of the 1980 Olympic Hockey Team, autographed by the players. I got it at a silent auction and spent a LOT of money on it. It was more the thrill of the hunt at the auction than the actual print that pulled me in…. one-upping another woman on the price….. right until the buzzer went off…. it became a game and I had to win… and suddenly I had a huge bill to pay! Oops!

  3. Lynn says:

    p.s. it was an impulse because it’s not what we went to the store for, it wasn’t in the budget, the kids talked me into it. bad investment because I had to get rid of them!
    Like the story Jenn! Auctions are dangerous places! I know that feeling :)

  4. regina says:

    I swear, the Japanese have the coolest art books!! Sign me up!

  5. regina says:

    Oops! worst impulse buy..hmmmm….the first thing that comes to mind is this awful pair of boots that I bought when I got my very first paycheck. The leather was divinely soft, but they were like a patchwork of different color leathers: green, burgundy, brown, tan, yellow. They were ankle high boots, but what makes this story worse, is that i wore them so much I wore the hell down and then had it rebuilt so I could wear them some more. It was the late 80′s so you’ll have to cut me some slack!

  6. aimee says:

    i’m the worst impulse buyer – i’ll have to think about that one; there have been a lot. usually it’s the seasonal item du jour at target – i come home with one nearly every trip!

  7. sara says:

    I’m notorious for impulse purchases of just one ball of novelty or luxury yarn because that’s all I can afford. Years later, these balls are still languishing, because you can’t use 50g of handspun worsted to make anything.

    I’d love to win this book, as xmas is coming, and I need to get cracking, and for once I have lots of time to craft!

  8. sandy says:

    Some will call it the worst
    (not you guys) impulse buy.

    It actually took a couple weeks, but told no one i was going, ‘cuz didn’t wanna be talked out of it, or even hear one smidgen of negativity.

    i bought a country chapel (1936) in a small town in kentucky (400 people, i live in Los Angeles.) i’m a teacher, and the goal is to be there every summer vacation.

    not one single solitary regret. pure joy and even got two of the best dogs ever out of the deal (had to move out of my 2-bedroom l.a. apt. though.)

    you wanted the worst, but i couldn’t resist sharing.

  9. Anna says:

    OK, I’m in! Who knows, maybe it will inspire my next career.

    As for impulse buys, that pretty much sums me up. Though since my income change I’ve been overcoming it. Or at least trying to. Really hard to pick a worst ever. Biggest regrets with impulse buys has to go to cheap plasticky toys that require batteries. I’m not going to say a specific toy, because there have been too many. Ugh.

  10. Anna says:

    Oo! Oo! I know. I know. The 6 different boxes of Halloween themed craft foam projects for the kids. They’re these kits that have supplies for like 8 kids to do a craft project with foam parts like hand puppets and book marks. Not sure what I was thinking. Not only do I not particularly like craft foam but the kids are STILL not old enough to do them and I’ve had them for a couple years. Storing them is a pain in the behind. Good thing I got them at 75% off – but that’s probably why I got them. (eh-hem – like the canning set)

  11. carissa says:

    What a great giveaway!!! Over the past couple of years my worst impulse buys are usually at IKEA. I get in crazy house project mode, and end up getting in over my head. I wish I could think of something more funny!!! Well, i did come pretty close to burning down the house once, due to the IKEA lighting i brought home. Luckily we read the warning label BEFORE installing them. Whew. Imagine that. A’la Fight Club ;)

  12. Sherie Provan says:

    Fabric. I buy all kinds that I will never be able to use in this lifetime. Sometimes I think I have more than a store. It’s an addiction.