3 years ago i took the tiny silver hoops out of my ears and stopped wearing earrings. even when i was wearing the little hoops, anything bigger made me feel too decorated, like a christmas tree. but when i was in san francisco last month, i found these earrings at little paper planes:

wish i had asked who made this pair

i had to have them.

then a few weeks later i was visiting betty j├Ąger at her studio, and i left with these:

thought i'd feel like a hippie wearing these, but i don't -- love wearing them

i had to wear posts for a solid week to get my earlobes back into the groove. and now i want more! more earrings, santa!

2 responses to “earrings”

  1. heather says:

    ooo … i love the ones from little paper planes! welcome back to the world of earrings. :) (like I told you, you don’t look like an xmas tree!)

  2. jackie says:

    This is awesome! Nothing wrong with change and evolution – the beauty of being a human being!

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