a friend came over a few weeks ago to do some crafting, and after many glasses of wine, i managed to find every tube of glitter i own, and i wanted to glitter something. ooooooo! i remembered my stash of wood hearts & circles. i think aimee gave me the hearts when we went to rachel’s cabin last year, and anna may have given me the circles? anyway, i decided to glitter the shit out of them. there was glitter everywhere and it was glorious. i still see it in my rugs. i finished them with spray shellac and drilled holes for hanging.


2 responses to “GLITTER!”

  1. rachel awes says:

    LOVE the glitter!
    + loved going back through your link to cabin pics from both years! huge hugs, jen! xo

  2. jackie says:

    glitter glitter glitter glitter glitter falalalalalalalalala!!

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