driftwood tree

in last spring’s purge, i came across my collection of driftwood from lake superior, and found i had the perfect sizes of driftwood to make a tree. i remembered seeing a driftwood xmas tree online, so i saved the pieces to make my own. thanksgiving weekend i painted an old ruler gold and glued the pieces down:

driftwood tree stick thingy
and ugh, i hated the result. it just wasn’t right. then a week or so later, i saw a mobile online. it had nothing to do with trees or driftwood (i think it was something like linen bows?) and i realized that i needed to pull the driftwood off the ruler and make a mobile:

driftwood tree mobile thingy
that’s much better (but a pain to photograph).

driftwood tree mobile thingy
driftwood tree mobile thingy
i had to glue on a few lake stones to get the pieces to balance. they don’t really hit each other, but with the right breeze they make a great sound. and it really isn’t that christmas-y, so it can stay up year-round.

3 responses to “driftwood tree”

  1. Cindy says:

    love this and how you balanced some of the branches with stones!

  2. krissy says:

    They are both great- but the mobile is so much more YOU! Where did you hang it?

  3. jackie says:

    feeling nostalgic for the mobile swap! love your driftwood mobile!

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