a quick trip to san francisco

bar tartine
morning run
little paper planes
petals in union square
looking for blue bottle coffee
as close as i could get to the golden gate bridge
fake sushi
presidential motorcade
the weekend before thanksgiving i went to san francisco to meet alex. when she and i first met in blogland, she was in new zealand, and she now calls australia her home. she was in california for a few months with her family so i booked a quick trip to meet her. while i do hope to get to australia (and new zealand) someday, flying to san francisco was the easiest way to meet her sooner rather than later. the weather was warm & sunny, perfect for exploring the city with alex (and her girls and her daniel)! i was also able to squeak in brunch at bar tartine with the amazing sonya, and on the last day i stumbled upon my first ever presidential motorcade. president obama may or may not have been in that black SUV…

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  1. Chandler says:

    Hooray for Tartine! Where was that beautiful sushi from? Have to add that place to my to-do list next time I’m in town…

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