dip dye necklaces

dip dye necklace
dip dye necklace
a few weeks ago i came across a merry mishap’s dip dye beads post via sf girl by bay. i was in class at the time, surfing the web (naughty!), and was dying for something creative to do. dip dye beads was perfect. i stopped at a craft store on the way home from class to buy wood beads.

that evening i mixed india ink with water in 12 dixie cups, starting with a little drop, then adding more ink to gradually make a black dye bath. i strung 6 beads together with thread, then dunked them into the cups. i left them overnight and the next morning pulled them out to dry. the ink didn’t fully saturate the beads — maybe i should have cooked them for even color? but i like the imperfections. i sprayed them with fixative, and strung them on leather cord.

i would love to try indigo ink, but i know it’s the process of dying the beads that i love and not the result. in other words, i’d love to make more necklaces but i don’t think i’d wear them. maybe instead of necklaces i should make garland… ooooo, i like that idea.

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  1. jackie says:

    well i would definitely wear them! i’ve been wanting to create a wooden bead necklace for months and love the results from your experiment.
    so i’m gonna fill my christmas stocking with all the ingredients as a gift to myself!

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