and you call it…

pop : university avenue




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  1. cindy says:

    soda, no soder ;) !

  2. jess says:

    pop. no question.

  3. molly says:

    soda. but i wish we called it pop!

  4. jenn says:

    soda. or diet coke. because, really, are there other flavors?

  5. Christina says:

    coke for sure.

    got my etsy order from you~ im so in love with all of it.
    thank you so very much.
    : )

  6. mon ami says:

    Pop. But I wish I naturally said Soda Pop.

    A friend of mine who grew up in Texas told me they call it Coke, no matter the flavour! So they’ll ask “what flavour Coke do you want?”. This kind of blew my mind.

  7. Anna says:

    I grew up calling it coke, but switched to pop when I was in college and found out that saying coke confused people who didn’t grow up calling it coke. And now I’ve noticed myself saying soda more and more since I’ve been in MN now for about 17 yrs.

  8. Jaci says:

    In Boston a lot of people still call it tonic.

  9. Meghan says:

    I grew up calling it coke, but now try to say soda. I have found that calling diet coke, dr. pepper, etc. “coke” is confusing to most non-Southerners!

  10. krissy says:

    soda! But I love hearing someone call it pop in a northern accent :)

  11. Hank says:

    I grew up calling it pop. When I spent a year in Memphis and when I first arrived I ordered a large pop and I got a weird look from the lady behind the counter. Since then, I have called it soda. I have friends, from the south (various parts) that call it soda, coke or pepsi. They find the northern version, pop, funny. I still use soda to this day.

  12. Michele says:


  13. alex sunday says:

    soft drink. which seems incredibly boring compared to soda or pop! i guess it differentiates from all the ‘hard drink’ here in australia. (:

  14. Chandler says:

    Soda. Pop is my dad. And Sodapop is that guy from “The Outsiders.”

  15. jen says:

    i grew up saying pop, but as a grown-up i felt silly saying pop so now it’s soda

  16. jen says:

    but now pop is growing on me…

  17. Lynn says:

    Strangely enough, where I live (and come from) it’s called Pop but I call it soda. Or sody pop. Not sure where it came from but I sure get shit for it!

  18. Fiona says:

    In the UK pop usually refers to any fizzy drink including coke, Dr Pepper’s etc.

  19. Dawn in NL says:

    I am from the east coast of Scotland and I call it juice or lemonade when talking about fizzy drinks and then you get “What flavour of lemonade?”.

  20. UK lass in US says:

    When I was a barmaid in Germany I never knew what the Americans were ordering when they asked for a soda or pop. To me it just sounded like they asked for a fizzy drink and I was expected to guess which…

  21. aimee says:

    i’m a midwesterner – so POP it is! when i moved to the south, and then to the west, i realized how goofy it sounds – but i still use it!

  22. kolleen says:

    being born and raised in the midwest….it’s always been POP to me!!!

    fun question!


  23. Carmen Hirkala (Biomouse) says:

    Growing up as a California girl, I’ve always called it soda or more often, the actual name of the brand-coke, 7-up, Sprite, etc. Since marrying an Ohio boy however, I’ve caught myself saying pop and thinking it’s quite cute :)

  24. regina says:


  25. janie says:

    Funny you should ask…we just use the brand name usually, but last night we were so tired neither of us could come up with the right name, eventually I came out with soda pop, something I’d never say, and my partner’s effort was “that bubbly sh*T” in fairness it only came up ’cause he was feeling poorly having drank too much of it, grumpy old man:)

  26. Jesse says:

    We call it cooldrink!

  27. Susie says:

    coke. sometimes soda when I’m feeling more inclusive.

  28. jackie says:

    as a kid – pop. as an adult – soda. but i’m thinking i’m going to head back to my roots – pop it is!

  29. melinda says:

    Very late entry, but compelled to chime in.
    It was always “pop” during my teens, (I had none of the vile processed sugar substance prior to that, as I was raised by sweet folk afflicted by the “whole foods/Adele Davis” bit…)
    In high school my best friend was a diabetic, so all we drank was sugar free Tab (so gross now that I think about it ) It still wasn’t allowed in my home, but she had them at her house!
    Once I got to college all the “big city kids” called it “soda”.
    Now, it’s whatever spurts from my vocal cords at any given moment…but I’m with Jackie, I think “pop” is my fav!

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