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jackie's fish
i have had my fill of winter. i am so fucking done. i risk slipping and falling on ice while walking my dogs twice daily, so running is out of the question and i miss those endorphins. i miss the sun. i miss sitting outside, doing nothing. but winter just doesn’t seem to want to go… we’re in mid-march and temperatures above freezing still look to be a rarity for the next 10 days. screw you, winter.

i try to find things that i can do to make it better. and of course, when i think i’ve finally figured it out, the universe decides to spin me around and give me a completely different direction to take. see my middle finger, universe? that’s me, wishing you’d quit pushing me around. i know, i know, it’s for my own good. but still, see my middle finger?

good things this week:

  • happy mail from jackie, which included the fish above, cut from paper by her amazing hands. her package helped me get thru the week.
  • i’ve posted in other social media spots about tina roth eisenberg‘s sxsw talk, and i feel like i’ve already over-hyped it. but it’s so logical, so smart, so not-new-agey, and i was emotional numerous times over the course of 54 minutes. it’s worth a watch this weekend. her 11 rules need to be everyone’s rules. i cried when number #10 came up: “if the opportunity scares you, take it.” and then there’s number #11: “be someone’s eccentric aunt” – i’ll have no problem with that one.
  • and if you only have 47 seconds, sky + moon + comet.
  • lastly:

hope spring is approaching where you are….

3 responses to “good things”

  1. Jesse says:

    It rained here today, which made me very happy; yesterday was 35C. So I can’t wait for autumn :) Summer and winter both have their bad sides, but spring and autumn are perfect. So I hope the weather on both sides of the world changes soon! (That fish is beautiful.)

  2. jackie says:

    The comet video – incredible!! And I’ve bookmarked the sxsw talk to watch it first thing next week!

  3. shona- lala dex press says:

    Ha! A group of us went to see some bands play at a local club and it turned out to be a totally hipster crowd. Personally, I was not impressed because I could pinpoint where one opening act ripped off other people who inspired him -let’s see, that’s a John Fogerty riff & DUDE! stop ripping off Steve Earl’s vocals and dressing like Owen Wilson in “The Royal Tenenbaums”- and the crowd was none the wiser. And the headliner, well… if I wanted to see Nico Case, I go see Nico Case. Whew! ANYWAY: felt a bit old, but we all had fun anyway.

    Bring on sunshine and spring because apparently I’m in a fowl mood.

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