card making pARTy

anna's cards - looooove
last saturday night, i hosted a small pARTy. we each made a stash of greeting cards: i provided the basic cardstock/envelope combinations, and a little inspiration, and then encouraged everyone to cut and paste using recycled materials. i think anna‘s cards (above) had some of us thinking “why didn’t we think of that?!”. update: close-ups are posted on anna’s blog.

it's more organized than it looks
we decorated cards with pages from old art history books, with paper samples, with photos, with tea bag packets, with packaging materials… the paper was flying! we made great cards! unfortunately, i did not do a very good job with the photography.

lisa's works of art
lisa’s fabulous stash of cards

i wish that these photos had sharper focus so you could see how great they are. all detail was lost when trying to document kathryn and jackie’s amazing work. but maybe the lack of focus gives the photos a certain mystique?

jenn's cards!
it’s the detail of  jenn‘s cards that really makes them cool, which you cannot see at all. update: she’s got some on her blog.

(nope. no mystique here — i need to learn how to shoot better with my new toy.)

5 responses to “card making pARTy”

  1. jackie says:

    wheeeeee flying paper! if you were drinking wine perhaps at the time through the viewfinder they appeared to be in focus. ha!

  2. cindy says:

    we get the idea. the cards and party were great! i love your new camera and the way the photos are formatted – landscape. very tempting! did you see the giveaway of one on creature comforts?

  3. martha says:

    fun! it’s nice to have a stash of cards on hand for different things.
    I like that landscape format too!
    (ps-I’m working on your dress….)

  4. Anna says:

    Yay!!! It was fun and I love my stash of cards. Seth’s favorites are the bird cards, but on the ones that I drew eyes on. Oh, and he thinks the dress one is really weird.

  5. aimee says:

    this is such a fun get-together project – the pieces are small enough that you can make lots of things and still have a lot of time left to gab and drink wine!

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