poladarium 2013 giveaway!

poladarium 2013 giveaway!
i’m giving away a poladarium 2013 calendar! 365 polas for 2013, including this one by me:

holy shit, i took that polaroid!

last year when poladarium opened up their dates, i chose april 13 (my birthday) and uploaded my 37th birthday self portrait, taken in amsterdam. can you see me in the rim of the headlight of that vintage mini?

i was so thrilled to have my polaroid accepted that i ordered a couple extra calendars. and i’m giving one away! leave a comment before midnight CST friday, january 11, and tell me what you’re hoping for in 2013. 1 comment per person please! but you can increase your chances of winning by also commenting on my facebook page here!

we have a winner! tom, who entered via facebook, is the lucky recipient!

5 responses to “poladarium 2013 giveaway!”

  1. angela says:

    hi, i am hoping for a relaxed year of new beginnings for my family thank you!

  2. Lynn says:

    I am hoping to invest some time into myself. Exercise, online classes, and naps!

  3. Adrienne says:

    what a cool giveaway! I’m hoping for a year of meal planning, decluttering and drinking more water!

  4. Daniel Nass says:

    This year, I’m hoping for a job that doesn’t make me sick, a year of booming creativity, and a year of all around happiness. Cheers, Jen!

  5. cindy k says:

    that calendar is so awesome – i love your day & the car! i hope the world will be less crazy this year both near & far. and, i hope daniel gets his wish – a job that makes you sick is no good!

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