papergoods update

so much paper!
between xmas and nye, i cleaned out the studio a bit, and i’ve added more to my papergoods etsy shop. envelopes in different shapes, colors, and sizes; lots and lots of paper; gift bags; ephemera: vintage stamps, postcards, photos… the majority of it is up, and once we get a sunny weekend i’ll finish up photography and will list the rest.

3 responses to “papergoods update”

  1. shona LALA dex press says:

    I’ll bet this is feeling soooooo good.

    p.s. in regard to my getting rid of internet (and the 5 TV stations), yeah, there is a bit of disconnection fear being a person who lives alone. Actually, I’m researching an antenna for basic TV reception because I will miss PBS most of all.

  2. jackie says:

    I was not surprised that you liked the sardines!
    You’ve inspired me with your cleaning out!! – one cupboard down, 50 other closets, nooks, cupboards to go. : )
    Oh, and lurking on the other conversation hereā€¦getting rid of internet. Wonder what that would feel like? I’ve tried multiple times to talk the family into dropping cable, and just going with apple tv and hulu. Or getting rid of it altogether.
    Hmmmm, dreaming of a small cottage all to myself, but that’s another conversation.
    Hope life in the NW is going well!

  3. jackie says:

    Well, I guess you are more N. Central…

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