NEW chair polaroid cards!

polaroid card : eames chair
i’ve had my new chair polaroid cards for about 2 weeks but the grey days on the weekends have prevented me from taking photos. i finally had a chance this weekend to grab a little light!

eames chair, monument, san fransisco
the single chair is a vintage eames chair that i found at monument (a vintage furniture store on valencia street) in san francisco last february. i should have paired it with an orange envelope, since the chair is orange, but i’ve already used orange so i went with my second favorite color: chartreuse.

polaroid card : tulip chairs
the tulip chairs were a treat to find in front of succotash on raymond avenue in saint paul last january. i chose a deep yellow (bumble bee!) for the envelope, even tho the cushions seemed to be a bit more orange than yellow.

tulip chairs, succotash, saint paul
both chair polaroid cards are listed in my etsy shop. and both polaroids are featured in my new book, chairs : a polaroid collection!

3 responses to “NEW chair polaroid cards!”

  1. aimee says:

    I love them… especially the fried egg chairs! The cutout cards should be in every upscale paper shop in New York!

  2. cindy k says:

    i love seeing the original polaroid with the laser cut card.

  3. shona LALA dex press says:

    I had to re-read part of your post a couple times (only on my 1st cup of coffee this morning) because I thought you found a pair of tulip chars on the street, as in someone curbed them.

    Love the die-cut work

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