etsy : printing grounds

etsy : printing grounds :  Set of Three Tea Towels, Hand Printed Dot, Bitty Dot and Harvest in Burnt Orange
i think i have more tea towels that i don’t use because they’re too beautiful than i have tea towels of lesser distinction (the cheap ones from ikea with tea & wine stains). and yet, i still want more, more, more! i really like this set of 3 hand printed tea towels in burnt orange (or in slate?) from etsy shop printing grounds. bonus: they’re printed in minnesota!

photo credit: printing grounds

2 responses to “etsy : printing grounds”

  1. jackie says:

    those look delicious. i say use the tea towels! okay, maybe not to wipe up red wine, but just to bring you some daily pleasure.

  2. cindy says:

    i do the same thing and will say i’ll make pillows out of them, but just make a collection. these look very collectible.

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