a few weeks ago i decided that the only xmas decoration i wanted to put up was a plastic santa: a big one, that lights up. and he would hang out in my house. i found this one at menards, and i plugged him into a timer so when i get home from work he’s already lit up and warming up the house. i’ll miss him when he goes into storage.

so… this is my last post of the year: i’m taking some time off to rest and recharge and read, and to start making things for me. and i’m going to take a quick trip to the west coast to be somewhere new. hope you’re able to find some time for yourself in the holiday madness.

happy holidays, see you in 2010!

20 responses to “santa!”

  1. jess says:

    I love him!
    Have a terrific break from the snow.

  2. jenn says:

    Hi Santa! Bye Jen! Have a great holiday break. I’ll miss reading your words every morning. Guess I’ll just call you.

  3. heather says:

    Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas, Jen! xoxo – h

  4. Florcita says:

    Merry Christmas to you!!!!!! Hope you have a good “me” time…smart girl to do so!!!!!

  5. Anna says:

    He’s so cheery! I told my mom about him and it made her smile. I can’t believe you’re taking another trip – JEALOUS.

  6. cindy says:

    it’s simply the coolest. have a happy holiday & new year! xo, c

  7. Regina says:

    I LOVE him!! He looks just like the one my grandfather used to put up on the roof next to the chimney. Ah, fond, fond memories of Christmases at their home.

    Thanks for the flashback. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  8. Chandler says:

    Happy holidays, and see you here on the left coast in a few days!

  9. Shona~ LALA dex press says:

    Are you sure you did not steal that from the people down the street? They have a few to spare. Actually, I like the dual purpose, Christmas cheer + a source of heat.

    Have a wonderful trip, nice stumbling by you this year.

  10. aimee says:

    that is beyond awesome! enjoy your trip!

  11. Sonya says:

    Have a very Merry Christmas!

  12. cynthia says:

    hope your somewhere new is lovely! today will be my last day of wet-work in the studio…i’m on the home stretch. looking forward to wine and catch up in january!

  13. melinda says:

    Merry New Year jen!

  14. Susie says:

    he looks splendid against the green wall. happy 2010!

  15. kim says:

    looking forward to trip news and so glad you’re taking a break. tacky santa looks so not tacky in your cute little house.

  16. jackie says:

    That is the BEST!! damn Christmas decoration EVER!! I think for the first time I’ve realized how much I hate holiday decorating. Because truthfully I just think most of it looks tacky – at least in the way I can pull it off – tacky, tacky, tacky. Whereas Mr. Claus there is the perfect combination of glowing and festive!
    How was Seattle?

  17. Jesse says:

    Your Santa is splendid! I hope you had a lovely Christmas, and that the new year is wonderful.

  18. molly says:

    love your santa.hope your holiday was great. t y v much for the pkg!!!!! love the t so much.

  19. Martha says:

    Jen, I meant to tell you when you were here how much I love this post and decoration. When I was a kid, my dad had one of these lit up on our back porch, so that when we were coming down the road we saw it! That is so wonderful that you have one of your own!!! Can’t wait to see some Seattle pics! OXO

  20. melinda says:

    not sure I ever told you how awesome & ingenious this is! I just may have to steal this for next season…

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