etsy : stephanie levy

etsy : stephanie levy : matisses bedroom i
i came across stephanie levy’s etsy shop via poppytalk yesterday. she’s an american artist living in munich, which makes me instantly like her: living abroad… sigh, wish i had done that before dogs and a career and a mortgage entered my life. oh! sorry! i digress… anyway, stephanie makes really fun collages. her originals are really affordable (under $100), and her prints are even more affordable (under $30). and they’re super-fun: mattisses bedroom i is my favorite.

photo credit: stephanie levy’s etsy shop 

3 responses to “etsy : stephanie levy”

  1. jenn says:

    ooooo…. she makes me want to draw!!! Love how she turns every day scenes into art. Love.

  2. alex sunday says:

    ooh, love this too.
    yes, damn career and mortgage….

  3. aimee says:

    oh yay, you picked one of my favorite artists! i adore stephanie’s work and how her travels have inspired her pieces. i have one of her schoener wohnen prints. her illustration blog is a treat, and so is her kitchen sketches blog – she makes cooking seem like art.

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