nite lites

maddie and lisa picking out beads
at a recent outing, my friends lisa and steph both mentioned needing to buy nite lites for their little ones’s rooms. i barged into the conversation with “no! don’t buy one! come over to my house and make one!” long ago, we made nite lites at a pARTy, and i still have a ton of glass and all of the necessary supplies.

on saturday lisa & her almost 3-year old daughter and steph & her 16-month old son came over and we had a mini nite lite pARTy. you’d think that 2 little ones + hot soldering iron + sharp glass + little beads + a little tequila would equal disaster. but we did good and no one got hurt!

lisa's nite lite

lisa used an opaque glass that has a pink iridescent layer on the front. i think her original idea was to make a diamond shape, but it ended up looking like a house, which i love. she decorated it with glass beads on loopy wire.

steph's nite lite

steph also used an opaque glass — this one with blues and greens swirled together. she topped it off with 2 ceramic beads and a sun charm on loopy wire.

there was talk of putting the finished lites in places other than the kid’s rooms… more can always be made!

8 responses to “nite lites”

  1. Ayama says:

    wow what great little lights!!! may be ct could do with a hand made night light, though she does have a vintage genuine 70s number (aka mine). but wow those lights look good. do you have a tute for them??

  2. Ayama says:

    ps did i mention that you are the world’s most fabest ever friend lately?? no?? consider yourself told :D

  3. Anna says:

    I remember making those!!! Mine got lost in my blackhole of a house. But I did have fun making it.

  4. Jenn says:

    Beautiful! So glad you all had fun!

  5. Jenn says:

    Oh, and I agree with ayama.

  6. Florcita says:

    These look so good! What a good idea! I need some kid lights as well…..!

  7. Leslie says:

    Wow, those are cool! Is there a craft project you CAN’T do?

  8. Patricia says:

    Great project!!! I am going to plan some workshops at the studio inspired by you…(hope you don’t mind, and I’ll give you credit of course!;)

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