.silvercocoon. trunk show

silvercocoon trunk show
yesterday after work i stopped at the .silvercocoon. trunk show preview party. i’m a big fan of .silvercocoon. jewelry, and its designer tia salmela keobounpheng is so sweet and such a joy! her most recent project is a collaboration on a catalog/photography book with local photographer paige dewees. there was a copy of the catalog at the show, and it really is more than just a catalog: it’s a wonderful representation of real women, photographed in real environments, wearing amazing jewelry. tia explains it so much better on her blog… and i think it’s going to be added to my library.

me with a new silvercocoon necklace

being that yesterday was my 9 week anniversary as a non-smoker, i treated myself to a .silvercocoon. bunch necklace. it matches my hollow_jumbo earrings, which i bought this spring.

the actual trunk show is this saturday, september 12, from 11 to 5, at danish teak classics in the northrup king building. go! and if you can’t go, there are goods in her etsy shop (and click around the links in this post, there’s so much to see).

and i can’t resist showing you this chair that i drooled over at the party:

chair at danish teak classics

it’s totally out of my price range, but oh-so-fabulous.

happy weekend!

11 responses to “.silvercocoon. trunk show”

  1. Ayama says:

    gorgeous jewelry. love your your quit pressie. congrats of 9 weeks free of cancer sticks!!! :D and you always find the best chairs.

  2. Anna says:

    Tia really does great work and I adore the necklace you picked out for yourself. Someday I’ll make it to one of her trunk shows. Not this weekend. But someday.

  3. jenn says:

    love the necklace. love the earrings I have from her too. happy friday!

  4. kim says:

    hello pretty lady and congrats.

    and i’m oggling over that chair.

  5. tia says:

    you are so kind. thank you again for coming last night. hope you have a fun run on saturday!

  6. Jesse says:

    9 weeks! That’s very impressive – well done! And it’s a beautiful necklace.

  7. julia says:

    awesome! i didn’t make it over there today, but i love that necklace.

    also, CONGRATS on 9 weeks!! how did it go by so fast (probably didn’t feel that fast for you, though). seriously, that is HUGE!

  8. Florcita says:

    9 weeks! congratulations… you are there…. :) I read once that you get relapses at 6 weeks, 6 months, 6 years….like that, why 6? dunno… maybe it was just to make me feel that we can all be “weak” and fall back!
    It’s so nice that there are so many artsy things going on around you! Love the earrings and the necklace!what material is that?

  9. Susie says:

    I love the necklace! You deserve it. I found you via Aimee at artsyville and I’m so glad. Your work is beautiful.

  10. jackie says:

    I swear you carry off the fantastic jewelry with such panache!! And way to go – 9 weeks!!!

  11. jen b says:

    love the necklace and yes you so deserve it. 9 weeks good job.

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