button sunprints
buttons were on the brain over the weekend: a button popped off my bag on the same day a button popped off my favorite summer pants. both were successfully repaired, and i thought it’d be fun to test out my new sunprinting kit (from cali!) with a few buttons from my stash. i don’t think i ever did sunprinting as a kid, so i think it’s pretty neat. i’m saving my other sheets for more sunny fun…

4 responses to “buttons”

  1. Anna says:

    Yay! I love sunprinting. The last time I did it was with Seth, he couldn’t handle the long wait time. I wonder if he’s up for it now that he’s “matured” a bit. That’s a funny word to use with a 5 year old. At any rate, I still had fun. I like the look of your buttons.

  2. Ayama says:

    simply love it.

  3. jen b says:

    those turned out really cool jen. you should frame them!

  4. jackie says:

    yea, you did it!! isn’t it cool?

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