etsy : jaime jo fisher

jaime jo : jewelry

the first time i saw jaime jo fisher’s jewelry was at the uptown art fair in 2006. it was so beautiful, so unique. but not within my budget. i couldn’t justify the cost at the time. so i picked up her business card, and would look up her web site from time to time, to dream about the pieces i’d buy if i didn’t have a wine habit/mortgage/car payment/dogs to feed. from her artist statement:

“while my work falls in the category of jewelry i prefer to think of these pieces as wearable collages.”

jaime jo has a shop on etsy, which i now check weekly for new pieces. i may need to start cutting down on the wine, to save money for when she creates that piece i can’t live without. larger image after the jump…

photo credit: jaime jo fisher

jaime jo fisher : jewelry

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