frogging the sweater
here’s my first sweater, which i resolved to finish by the end of january.

i knitted furiously and got about 3/4 of the way done. then i saw 4 dropped stitches. groan. i was far enough along to try it on, and it was snug, so snug that only a thin t-shirt or tank top could be worn underneath. groan again. i was really, really hating the sweater. so i stopped working on it.

last week i realized the only way i would ever finish it was if i started over. so i frogged this weekend. i’m starting over this week, with a new goal of finishing before fall. this time, i’ll use a provisional cast-on (it would have been helpful the first time), and i’m going to make it slightly bigger. and no more dropped stitches. and this time around, i hope i love it.

9 responses to “frogging”

  1. jess says:

    Good Luck to you! I will gladly offer moral support if needed!

  2. Jenn says:

    Still love the color. And soon it will too warm for these parts anyway!!

  3. Anna says:

    Good for you! You’ll be happier if you do it right. Otherwise it would have just sit in a drawer. Besides, there’s something therapeutic about frogging and recasting on.

  4. Sara says:

    You are a better woman than I. I cannot frog things. I just can’t ever motivate myself to do something TWICE. Well, when I think about it, I’ve never even finished a sweater for myself ONCE. Only baby-sized things. And I get terrible “second sock syndrome”, where I knit one sock and just can’t stand the thought of doing another.

    Good luck finishing the sweater this time around!

  5. aimee says:

    well, i think it looks great! but this is exactly why i couldn’t knit. if i had to count or worry about sizing i’d be doing all bitching and no stitching.

  6. katiecrackernuts says:

    Oh I always get that far and have to start again. I’ve never knitted anything to completion. I do love the colour you’re knitting in.

  7. Ayama says:

    good luck. know about errors driving you nuts so you can’t appreciate an item you have made for yourself. can’t wait to see you in your happy jumper next autumn/winter. ;)

  8. alex sunday says:

    you’re hilarious. :)

  9. Patricia says:

    just picked up a needlepoint project that I set down when I was fifteen…times that by two, add a little and that is the age of when I picked it back up…IT’S NEVER TO LATE:)

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