last friday at willow house

last friday i took the day off, slept in for a ridiculously long time, then scrambled to run all my errands before settling in at willow house for their 2nd annual craft fair. once my table was set up i was able to explore what everyone else had made:

at willow house : karen
karen made scarves, cowls, and hats with thrifted sweaters. i think all of but one of us crafters bought something from karen! i love my new cowl/neck warmer.

at willow house : anna, jenn, june
anna manned a table full of fabulous fabric goods sewn by jenn, holiday napkins made by her (anna’s) mom, and story blocks that she (anna) made. it was so much fun to watch anna sell her awesome blocks! yay!

at willow house : julie
julie brought beautiful stained glass pieces and a collection of spirit dolls. the pink, wide-hipped beauty on the left? her spirit is creativity, and i brought her home with me.

at willow house : ann
ann’s wood toys were a hit: i saw numerous buyers with their hands full of knights and castles and more. i bought a little horse from her last summer, and still love it.

at willow house : kristin
i wanted one of everything on kristin‘s table, but settled for a set of small beeswax candles for me, and a gnome ornament or two as gifts.

thanks, kristin & ann! the shopping was fabulous, and the sales were an added bonus!

5 responses to “last friday at willow house”

  1. rachel awes says:

    jen! every last bit looks awesome! what fun shopping! i love your new doll! her big hips rock. so do u. xo

  2. aimee says:

    just the first two items on your friday list would make a day worthwhile for me, but wow, did you cram a lot into the rest of that day! what fun. i love holiday craft fairs!

  3. Anna says:

    I really did have fun! And I’m wearing my cowl right now. I have no plans for taking it off. It was good to hang out with you!

  4. kristin says:

    thanks for posting this!! thanks for taking pictures (i have not one…ahem) i may have to repost this entire entry!!

    “creativity” was arturo’s favorite-reminded him of Botero. i’m so glad you got her.

    most of all…thanks to YOU jen! i’m happy to know you’d like to come again next year. xxx

    hey. i just realized you left out your own table.

  5. Lynn says:

    fun! fun! fun!

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