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etsy : olfactory scents : lotion bar
julie of olfactory scents contacted me a few months ago, inquiring about a trade: a couple of my polaroid prints for some of her natural bath products. i’m as concerned about what goes on my body as i am about what goes down my drain, so i was interested in what she had to offer. and i wasn’t disappointed! she loaded me up with little samples and i am ready for more. julie’s lotion bar leaves my skin soft all day, and her salt scrubs are just the right coarseness: not too rough, but you know they’re doing their job. the knitter’s balm is soothing my already-too-dry hands. and she’s a stickler for detail with the packaging, making any item perfect as a stocking stuffer. also: sample sizes!

julie also creates ceramic buttons!

photo credit: olfactory scents etsy shop

2 responses to “etsy : olfactory scents”

  1. jenn says:

    ohhhh…. perfect! My hands are so DRY already!

  2. cindy says:

    i love the packaging and the products sound wonderful!

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