etsy : trigo

etsy : trigo : scrappy the recycled tire monster coin purse
i’ve had my eye on trigo‘s monster coin purses for a while, and i finally got the chance to chat with the monster maker at the nokomis urban craft fair a few weeks ago. she makes these little guys as her day job, and she’s got a great selection of recycled materials that she works with. i bought one for myself that looks a lot like scrappy the recycled tire coin purse (pictured above). in addition to holding coins, he’s also a great cat toy! my kitty won’t stop batting him around the house.

photo credit: trigo etsy shop

4 responses to “etsy : trigo”

  1. jenn says:

    Yep! These are awesome. Daughter got a fuzzy orange one. Love it.

  2. jackie says:

    I know some five-year old nieces who would dig those!

  3. Lorinda says:

    This THIRTY-five year old is totally digging these! Thanks for sharing.

  4. la ninja says:

    coolio. I have jewellery made out of old bike tyres :)

    this monster reminds me a bit of the hyperbole and a half drawing style… do you know her blog? (she’s on a bit of a hiatus right now)

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