etsy : snow berry and lime

etsy: snow berry and lime : soy silk handspun vegan yarn
the sun is setting at 6:15pm and it’s getting chillier daily. soon, very soon, it’ll be too dark and cold to do much outdoors, and knitting season officially begins… even now, it’s hard to walk by a skein of yarn without envisioning a hat, scarf, or sweater.

here’s some knitting eye candy from etsy seller snow berry and lime: soy silk handspun vegan yarn. the fiber is a by-product of the tofu making process. seriously! isn’t it beautiful? i am really curious to see what it feels like. i haven’t placed an order yet, but if i do, i’ll post a full report.

photo credit: snow berry and lime etsy shop

10 responses to “etsy : snow berry and lime”

  1. Marian says:

    It does look beautiful! Im burrying myself in wool too. Love that part of autumn-winter. The cold… not so much…

  2. Anna - Three Sneaky Bugs says:

    It’s gorgeous!! I wonder if it’s as soft as it looks.

  3. lil fish says:

    wow! i can’t wait to hear about what it’s actually like…

  4. Dana says:

    I knit a vest for my mom out of soysilk. It was lovely. Soft and drapey. I figure that my family consumes enough tofu to produce many skeins of soysilk as a by-product. :)

  5. Ali says:

    Oh, it looks incredible! Winter white…

  6. Claudia says:

    wow, is it possible! tofu, knitting, silk and beautiful all in one little paragraph ;) ahahaha…it looks so nice…totally hippie chic!

  7. jenn says:

    so cool…

  8. Jackie says:

    Well I never…..that is amazing, fiber from the tofu making process. It does have a lovely sheen and looks silky!
    And I’m just curious are you shifting the blame to the bored teenagers smashing the pumpkins. It’s not your secret inner rebel girl now is it?

  9. tia says:

    lovely! you’ll be proud of me — i’ve started knitting a pair of SOCKS! moving on from the hats and scarves…..and am even following a pattern! {well, with the guidance of my live-in knitting teacher :) }

  10. Ayama says:

    Wow I learnt something new today. That yarn does look fab.

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