favorite 2012 calendars

despite the proliferation of electronic gadgets at my disposal, the calendar on the side of my fridge is the center of operations. it must be able to accommodate up to at least 4 written entries per day, and i am generally not too picky about the calendar’s theme as its purpose is to record the important stuff and that’s it.* being that i have a hard time remembering what day it is, having more than one calendar around the house is needed, and that’s where the pretty ones come in. here are some of my favorites so far for 2012:

etsy : satsuma press : 2012 calendar
letterpress love: lynn russell of satsuma press creates clean & simple designs that i want to touch. her 2012 calendar is gorgeous. photo credit: satsuma press esty shop

etsy : xoazuree : 2012 polaroid calendar
i’ve gotten to “know” azuree over the last few months, and her enthusiasm and energy for instant film is infectious! in a good way! her 2012 polaroid calendar makes me happy. photo credit: xoazuree etsy shop

etsy : leah duncan : 2012 12 month calendar
the color palette and shapes of leah duncan‘s 2012 12 month calendar pretty much rock my world. the gold paired with pink and navy blue is so yummy! photo credit: leah duncan’s etsy shop

big cartel : flora douville : 2012 calendar - happy shapes
flora douville‘s happy shapes calendar displays her wonderful watercolor paintings. and i love her handwriting. photo credit: flora douville’s shop

etsy : lisa rupp design : 2012 floral calendar
lisa rupp‘s 2012 floral calendar brings a reminder of spring to any wall! photo credit: lisa rupp design etsy shop

*if an event or appointment is going on my calendar, it doesn’t count unless it is physically written on the calendar on the side of the fridge. seriously. i cannot deal with electronic calendars. any time i’m away from home making an appointment, i inevitably book the appointment on a day/time that is already spoken for. old habits die hard, so i still make appointments knowing that i’ll probably need to call and rebook once i get home and check the calendar on the side of the fridge. i also do not have a microwave.

6 responses to “favorite 2012 calendars”

  1. jenn says:

    as much as I’ve tried the electronic calendar thing, I, too, keep coming back to paper….. call us old fashioned?

  2. krissy says:

    This was worth powering through and finishing the post! I completely agree on the written calendar book. Meemaw uses that iPhone calendar but usually it’s written in a book as well :)

  3. cindy says:

    i like them all and that’s usually a good problem!

  4. jackie says:

    paper daybook, dry erase calendar on the fridge. Even with tools I still manage to miss at least one appt. a month…
    you don’t have a microwave?? now that i find astonishing!

  5. Anna says:

    They’re all lovely! For years and years I was completely electronic. It was ok. Since being home, I’ve gone paper and I LOVE IT!!! Not sure exactly why, but I’m way more organized now as far as the calendar goes and have a much better handle on what’s coming up. Yay paper calendars!!!

  6. aimee says:

    Yep, I’m a double booker too. I try to keep an electronic calendar and a dry erase on the fridge, but neither work and I’m either early or late for everything.

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