stephanie levy : creative courage

europe postcards by stephanie levy : berlin, venice, amsterdam
i’ve been following artist stephanie levy‘s work for a few years, but it is only recently that we’ve formed a friendship. i am actually a bit shy and i don’t want to come across as stalker-like… but when stephanie began her 12 countries in 12 months project in the city of amsterdam, i couldn’t be a silent admirer any longer. i HAD to send her my suggestions for what to do in one of my favorite cities, and it’s so fun to have found another fellow wanderer…

last month, stephanie invited me to participate in her first e-course, creative courage. it has been a great experience: the interviews and insights that stephanie shares are invaluable. and her video posts make me sooooooo happy: stephanie is an expat living in munich and she still has a bit of a southern accent, her curly hair is to die for, and she really is someone that you’d want to spend hours with in person. lucky you: she’s offering her creative courage e-course again in 2012, and i highly recommend it to those that are looking for a little extra courage! and if you’re a wanderer like me, you’ll love the postcard she’s going to send you from barcelona if you sign up!

2 responses to “stephanie levy : creative courage”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Thank you Jen! I really appreciate it and it has been such a joy to have you in the course and to be able to correspond with you abroad during my travels :) Looking forward to a future meet up in Europe too!! xo

  2. Aimee says:

    What a blast Stephanie’s course has been! I treasure all the postcards I’ve gotten from her!

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