etsy : buffalo lucy

etsy : buffalo lucy : cocktail ring - tiffany stone and sterling silver, autumn brown, black, chunky, stormy, size 6.5
it was aimee that introduced me to julie of buffalo lucy, and it was a great match: i’ve got a thing for rings, and the bigger, the better! i keep coming back to this cocktail ring with tiffany stone. i think i look at it once a day… but i must curb spending for a while… if this one doesn’t find its way to my finger, i’m sure there will be another buffalo lucy original that will.

photo credit: buffalo lucy etsy shop

3 responses to “etsy : buffalo lucy”

  1. Fiona says:

    You’re right – it’s lovely.

  2. Buffalo Lucy says:

    Jen, what an honor to be included among your gorgeous collection of etsy finds! Thank you!!

  3. Liv @ Choosing Beauty says:

    Dang! That ring = serious business.

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