saturday night at the fair

jenn and i went to the state fair on saturday night:

saturday nite at the fair!
our first priority was beer. i had been up since 6am to put on the yard sale i’ve been avoiding all summer, and i was ready for a drink.

saturday nite at the fair!
then, food. i had cheese curds, jenn got the cajun deep fried pickles served with a side of ranch.

saturday nite at the fair!
then we wandered for a bit: we looked at cakes and breads in the creative activities annex…

saturday nite at the fair!
then we watched a clogging demo. the old guy was so cute! then we toured the fine arts building…

saturday nite at the fair!
more food! jenn got a pronto pup.

saturday nite at the fair!
i’m pretty sure my fear of heights will keep me from ever experiencing the sky ride skyglider.

saturday nite at the fair!
the midway men’s club: the best place to refill your beer. theirs is the cheapest!

saturday nite at the fair!
more food: i had a cheese chilito at mexican hat. i think jenn got a taco. we both agreed that if we ended up working at a food booth at the state fair when we’re retired old ladies, life wouldn’t be so bad.

saturday nite at the fair!
the midway at sunset… we stayed away from the rides. the food and beer in our tummies ensured that we wouldn’t attempt rides like we were 12-year-old kids.

saturday nite at the fair!
butter heads! each of the dairy princesses get their head carved in a 90 pound chunk of butter. i think they all look the same, but with different hairstyles.

not pictured: the pretzel we shared, my friends dan & nick singing at the farmer union, crop art, the dnr fish pond, heritage village, animal barns, the horse poop i stepped in (it was dark!), freddy krueger at the haunted house, the giant slide… a small part of me wants to go back! i don’t feel like i saw or ate enough…

8 responses to “saturday night at the fair”

  1. jackie says:

    the butter ladies!! thankks for sharing your trip to the fair, also the magical sunset photo. the fair leaves me with the feeling that all is right with the world. don’t know why considering the disturbing amount of fried food.

  2. jenn says:

    you DIDN’T east enough. Neither did I. Can’t wait to go again….

  3. kristin says:

    i LOVE to see how others spend a day at the fair…and cajun fried pickles…hmmm…

  4. Anna says:

    It’s super hard to eat enough when you go. The tummy just isn’t big enough.

  5. jen says:

    State fair sounds fun – did they have deep fried butter??? And hello from Amsterdam! We Cycled to haarlem today (oof!) And took the ferry to the nord this evening. Now it’s beer in the hotel bar by a fancy fire!

  6. vân says:

    Yay, your pictures are so colorful and fun–just like the fair! (i love the sunset one…do you realize how much you must walk once you’re there all day???) I could ALMOST taste the fried food as I scrolled through your post :)

  7. cindy says:

    i love your photos of the fair and the grub looks so good. i love butter. when i was a kid i would take a bite out of bar of it. i still would, so those sculptures are lucky i wasn’t around. i must have some cheese curds someday and will also pass on the rides, although that swinging one with the awesome sunset looks like fun as does the clogging!

  8. la ninja says:

    loving that skyglider! ;)

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