etsy : orange peel enamel

etsy : orange peel enamel : iconic modern -- necklace, enamel on copper
everyone needs at least one big, bold necklace. i’ve been admiring orange peel enamel’s pendants for a few months, and really must get one for myself. dang! the pendant pictured above sold yesterday, but she has more chair pendants available. and funky rings!

photo credit: orange peel enamel etsy shop

6 responses to “etsy : orange peel enamel”

  1. jenn says:

    So much fun, and I love these colors. I noticed she also sells just the chain. Think I’ll order some.

  2. Jackie says:

    My birthday list grow longer. Did you buy something? These are too cool! And p.s. I thought the world’s largest ball of twine was in Kansas where I grew up??

  3. Anna says:

    You mean there is more than one giant ball of twine?

    Nice pendant. I need more jewelry.

  4. fish says:

    to clarify, our ball of twine was built by one man, francis johnson. the world’s largest ball of twine in cawker city, kansas, is continually worked on by the community. :)

  5. julie king says:

    yes, her jewelry is so fun and bold and colorful! hope you find another pendant of hers that you like as much as the one that sold!

    i’m tagging you with a fun musical meme. just pop over to my blog to check it out but no pressure at all if you’re not interested.

  6. Margins. says:

    YAY! Oh man. I have to check that out. I’ve been looking for some jewelry to sport outside of my nose and tragus. I’m ready to venture out.

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