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the cinch 2
i’ve wanted a wire-o binding tool for a long time, but they can be expensive! we had one at my first job, and we’d use it to create gorgeous annual reports and proposals… and occasionally i’d make a journal or two for personal use. over the years i kept telling myself that one day, i will spend $300-$400 and get my own binding machine — in fact, last year i cut down a ton of scrap paper specifically for wire bound journals. but i just couldn’t make the investment.

a few weeks ago patricia of a little hut wrote about the cinch binding tool. how did i not know about this little machine?! it’s perfect for what i want to make, and at around $100, it’s much more affordable. mine arrived this week, and i’ll be playing with it over the next few days.

happy weekend!

5 responses to “a new toy”

  1. Sonya says:

    And it has a centipede on it. That’s a very important selling point.

  2. fran says:

    jen that is so cool. Have fun. I love when stuff like that happens!

  3. Sarah says:

    At my first Arch-y job, we called it the “huc-pun-bin”, as that was the mftr name printed on the massive machine we had to haul down from a shelf in order to bind specification manuals. We said it like it was a real word, so obvious to anyone with a fraction of intellegence. Hucpunbin, hucpunbin… It was a brillant, massive, gunmetal gray machine that could have punched through a hand (in a lovely, even perforation). Nothin but respect.

  4. Leslie says:

    ooh, what a fun little magnet! it would be useful for many things…

  5. Leslie says:

    um, that should have been *gadget*…not magnet!

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