hello, august!

hello album in kiwi

hello album in sky blue
august… summer’s last chance to really show you what its got… can it get hotter? i really don’t want to know. i always think of august as the hottest month, so i think mentally i am prepared for more (i watched running the saharah over the weekend, hoping it’d help me learn how to run in the heat but it mostly made me tired and thirsty)… august is also the month that you should never open your mouth while riding your bike in the evening, unless you enjoy a mouthful of bugs… ooooo, and it’s state fair month! i’d better keep up the running to make up for the cheese curds to be consumed… i digress… hello, august!

i’ve put a few new photo albums in the shop. they’re a little bigger than my usual size, with a workable page size of 7 x 8-1/2 inches. they’re available in kiwi and sky blue: happy colors! happy monday!

2 responses to “hello, august!”

  1. kristin says:

    c a n it get any hotter?? I’m impressed that you’re keeping up with the running…but you have a race coming up, right?

    love to see you making…both these colors are so very pretty. miss you. xx

  2. jenn says:

    ooooooo…. the fair!!! hooooraaaaay!!! And hello august!!

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