functional felt swap : wrap up, part i

wow. i cannot say how happy and excited i am with how the functional felt swap well, functioned! the participants are an amazing bunch of creatives, and everything that was made is functional. pieces were knitted then felted. traditional felt was sewn and woven. sweaters were up-cycled into new creations. roving was transformed into shapes and sheets. i’ve put together a little mosaic of some of the work. i’ll post another one tomorrow. you can also check out the functional felt swap flickr pool to see more great work.

anna and i couldn’t be more ecstatic! it’s the first swap we’ve organized (and the 2nd one i’ve participated in), and all of you that joined us really made it rock. we hope it’s been a fun experience for you, and we’ve made new friends that we hope to keep in touch with!

ooops, i almost forgot! i put the names of those that have confirmed they have finished and posted their item into a bowl, and drew 3 last night. the lucky winners of the soaps are:

- jackie c in california
- sarah c in alabama
- abby b in minnesota

congratulations, the soaps are going out in the mail today!

xxxooo, jen

5 responses to “functional felt swap : wrap up, part i”

  1. Anna says:

    Your mosaic is so much better than mine. I like how you varied the width of each pic. I just let fd flickr toys do it for me. A big thank you to everyone that has participated and an additional one to you Jen. You picked up the ball when my grief took over and I couldn’t. It’s really nice to have a co-host.

    Also, congrats to Jackie, Sarah and Abby! I’m jealous. I think I’m going to have to make myself one of those soaps, they look so fun.

  2. fibrespace says:

    Thank you Anna and Jen for organizing the swap, I really enjoyed it, there are some great pieces, can’t wait to see which one lands on my door mat!

  3. jenn says:

    So glad you all had fun. The work is great!

  4. Anna Y says:

    thank you jen and anna for organising such a fab swap. one is tempted to try roving after looking at such fab hadmade felt sheets in this swap.

  5. Krissy says:

    Everything looks great! I love that scarf :)

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