functional felt swap : the last day!

today is the last day of the functional felt swap! your items should be done, and in the mail!

i honestly wasn’t sure i’d make the deadline myself. my preferred medium is paper, so why in the world did i co-organize a swap that involved fibers? i can’t sew and my knitting skills are pretty basic… after coming up with a few ideas, i finally settled on the challenge of knitting a bowl.

the bowl is a bit bigger than i had expected it to be, but it’ll hold more stuff! it’s still a bit damp, so i actually will wait until tomorrow to send it off…

tomorrow i’ll announce the winners of the 3 felted soaps, which will be sent to 3 random swappers that have confirmed they are done (if you haven’t sent your confirmation via comments, flickr, or email, you can leave a comment on this post to be eligible!). yay, swappers! pat yourselves on the back! i know i am!

8 responses to “functional felt swap : the last day!”

  1. jenn says:

    beautiful… love the color.

  2. Anna Y says:

    simply amazing for a beginner knitter. how many times did you put that sucker through the washer and drier??

  3. fish says:

    i only put it through the wash once! i think if i put it in a second time, it’d shrink a bit more, which would be good, but i’m worried that the yarn/felt would get hairier? so i’m just leaving it at one…

  4. lil fish says:

    i’m finished! woohooo! and i only had to stay up till midnight working on it. it turned out much better than i thought; jacob doesn’t want me to give it away! i wish my pictures were a bit better – we need a new camera. this was so much fun – i made something!!

  5. krissy says:

    I love felt :)
    Too bad I can’t sew… Your bowl is very nice!

  6. apple cyder says:

    Love it! Nice work. Colors are great.

  7. Jen C. says:

    Your bowl rocks! And I think it’s good to stretch out a bit into lesser-known territories; builds character, isn’t that what they say? ;)
    (And I FINALLY finished after a few mishaps and some serious procrastination skillz…)

  8. Anna says:

    I like how much fuzz is on it. Gives it depth. Now, I’m wishing you had brought it last night so I could have touched it.

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