functional felt swap : 2 more weeks to go!

yarn for felt swap
um, yikes, i haven’t started my item yet! i did get my yarn last weekend, and new addi-turbo needles (highly recommended by anna). i want to knit, then felt a bowl, but the pattern is a little intimidating for my amateur skills… nothing like a bit of procrastination to put the pressure on!

so i hope that the rest of you are making better progress than i. we’ve got 2 more weeks to go, then your items should be shipped out on wednesday, may 28. and don’t forget to upload your finished piece to the functional felt swap flickr group! upload your progress, too — we all love to see what everyone is working on!

update: anna’s got a fun giveaway for felt swappers! all you need to do is give us an update on your progress. leave a comment here, leave a comment on anna’s post, or upload to the flickr group, by the end of the day, monday, may 19, and you’re automatically entered! see anna’s post for more details.

6 responses to “functional felt swap : 2 more weeks to go!”

  1. lil fish says:

    aaah, a sense of relief that i’m not the only one who hasn’t started yet – but i’ve spent many sleepless mornings thinking about my design at 5am! i have my felt and materials, so i’m hoping to get crackin’ this weekend!

  2. Anna says:

    I LOVE the color! I’m I’m not a purple fan.

  3. Jen C. says:

    I’m with lil fish…many nights thinking, but still no actual progress! I think I know what I’m making, finally; now to clear off a space for the sewing machine. ;) Everyone’s making such cool stuff…I’m so inspired! (And a wee bit intimidated, but … I shall do my best!)

  4. Jackie says:

    Ha, I havn’t started either! But I’m cracking the whip this weekend – must go get some wine. According to some people ;) that seems to do the trick!

  5. Margins. says:

    Ooo…pretty pretty yarn!! I always find that procrastination gets pretty good stuff out of me. Nothing like a little pressure for art-making.

  6. Patricia says:

    I’m glad that I am in the right swap group, because again I haven’t even begun. I do have some interesting ideas up my sleeve and hope to try them out this weekend.

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