rainbow do-si-do
on saturday, i had a do-si-do pARTy. it was a comment from shona that generated the idea — she had asked if a book i posted in early april was a do-si-do. i hadn’t heard the term before! i had to google it and when i did, i found a great how-to on etsy.


but first! anna made do-si-do cookies. they were awesome, and i don’t like peanut butter cookies. i ate 3 within 30 minutes of anna’s arrival.


for our do-si-do books, i cut 3 boards for each person, and we glued them down onto paper, leaving about a quarter inch “gutter”. then we glued a second sheet down, sandwiching the boards in the middle.

i love paper source paper

while the boards dried, we picked out interior paper. i also had some card stock prepped and we made a smaller version of the do-si-do.

rocco & gus

jackie brought rocco, her greyhound. he made himself at home and made gus move over and share the dog bed. 8 adults + 3 dogs + 1 cat in my little house = serious negotiations for personal space.


before sewing our do-si-do’s, i trimmed the covered boards down to final size. we did a pamphlet stitch and voilĂ ! do-si-do!

11 responses to “do-si-do”

  1. jess says:

    What fun!

  2. shona~LALA dex press says:

    looks great! I presented the Secret Belgian Binding technique to my book guild and one woman had made one and said she would show us how it’s done. So, thank you for that!

  3. heather says:

    thank you for another great night! i love spending time with all of the great women!

  4. jenn says:

    super fun night. super fun book.

  5. Anna says:

    I was just about to write what Jenn did, almost word for word. And then I looked up at the other comments. But really – I enjoyed every minute. It was fun and easy with a great group of women. I could have done with out the sugar coma but that was fun too. Yay for Jen!!!!

  6. Fran says:

    Sounds like fun!! this is great Jenn!

  7. jackie says:

    hey i would gladly negotiate personal space to have attended your do-si-do party! and i’m so gonna try those cookies today!

  8. cindy says:

    the books look terrific and so do the cookies! grab your partner do-si-do and the dogs did just that!

  9. Laura says:

    Looks like fun! Off to find out more about these do-si-dos.

  10. aimee says:

    missing any of your pARTies makes me insanely jealous!

  11. Sonya says:

    Looks like a great time. I just broke out some PVA yesterday. I’ll post some pics if all goes according to plan. That photo of the dog bed sharing, so great. What an audacious dog guest! Gus looks resignedly tolerant.

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