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etsy : silvercocoon : PAPYRUS-redgloss/cherry
tia, of etsy shop silvercocoon, has been on the knitting group email recipient list since martha started getting us together last spring. i’ve been itching to meet her, but sigh, she hasn’t joined us for knitting yet. i do love her necklaces, though, and may treat myself for keeping some sense of sanity while my day job kicks my ass for one more week.

photo credit: silvercocoon etsy shop

6 responses to “etsy : silvercocoon”

  1. Anna says:

    She does make lovely necklaces. I try to keep politics out of my workplace but I must say I’m tempted to get one of her Obama necklaces and wear here to see if anyone makes the connection.

    (Maybe some online peer presure will get her to come to the knitting group as I would love to meet her as well.)

  2. apple cyder says:

    I could never pull this one off, but I really like it. Very pretty shape and colors.

  3. martha says:

    yes -let’s put on the pressure!

  4. Jackie says:

    Crap, sorry about your day job! If sanity is found in a beautiful necklace then consider me a doctor who just prescribed one for you!

  5. Design for Mankind says:

    Oh I love this!!!

  6. tia says:

    ok. ok….. i’m feeling the (added) pressure. (not that i don’t feel my own self-inflicted pressure for being so LAME!) — thank you for the lovely post and the splurge. i hope to meet you very soon! :)

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