birthday film!

last saturday 2 packages arrived in the mail. the first package was from florida, from miss carissa paige:

carissa's girls

i never tire of her girls. (see more of carissa’s work in her etsy shop. go.)


she sent me a polaroid of the ocean, embellished in carissa’s way, and a vintage book about one of my favorite subjects.


and then, and then! there was a pack of 600 polaroid film. carissa sent me her film. i know she’s had it for a while. i know she’s been saving it, and she decided to send it to me. how i will repay this girl, i do not know. i’m thinking of ways, though, believe me.

the second package was from cindy in new york:

so pretty!

the present was too perfect to open! and cindy knows orange is my favorite color. hmmm… i wonder what’s inside?


color shade push! yay! it’s the newest color film from the impossible project. i’m really excited to try it — i have its predecessor but this version is really, really close to the real thing. yay!

thank you carissa and cindy, for keeping my sx 70 camera happy. and for making me feel loved. xo.

5 responses to “birthday film!”

  1. rachel awes says:

    happy birthday? :)
    & love these carissa bits (of course!)

  2. carissa says:

    I Looove the serendipity – how two two two packs of film magically appear for you! Because you’re amazing of course! That’s why. The film I had just kept crying out for you. I knew where it bee-longed :)

    Love you, have fun!

    PS. Repay me? No way! Your happiness is my repayment :D

  3. jenn says:

    you are a lucky lucky lucky girl!

  4. aimee says:

    that carissa! not only is her birthday package adorable (especially that embroidered photo) but giving up a pack of polaroid film is pure selflessness! and cindy’s impeccably wrapped package of equal goodness must have made your mailbox ready to explode with happiness!

  5. cindy says:

    i love carissa‚Äôs polaroid artistry! i can think of no better person to have some new film to play with. it’s a no brainer and you are more than welcome. have fun!

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