pARTy : lights

pARTy : lights
last friday was pARTy night, and 5 of my wonderful friends came over and we decorated ikea grono lamps. i am in awe of the creativity — the lights are just amazing! it’s always so fun to see what my friends come up with when we get together to create. (i just wish the photos would do them justice!) i’ve got detailed descriptions of the lights and more photos after the jump…

each person (except for me and jaime) worked on 2 lights. we all focused on paper as the main decorative element. rather than glue the paper to the glass, we used gel matte medium — it’s a little more forgiving when it comes to placement than glue is, and it dries clear. it does take a while to dry, though, and anna had to resort to using a hair dryer, otherwise she may have spent the night on my couch!

cutting paper
jaime cutting pages from a new yorker…

cutting paper
…then pasting to the lamp with gel matte medium.

cutting paper
kathryn attaching paper to the glass.

cutting paper
waiting for anna’s creations to dry!

i regret not taking pictures of everyone’s lights with the light bulb off! that way you would be able to see the colors and detail. dang. next time. so here’s who made what, and a description of their work:

jaime's light
jaime made a coney-island themed light, using full pages from a new yorker magazine that had photos of the famed amusement park. she also used velum circles, and cut out a great skyline illustration. it’s one of my favorite lights!

kathryn's lights
kathryn made 2 distinct lights, but used the burnt horn beads on both to tie them together. the light on the right was covered with paper that had light green leaves embedded, and she used a green ribbon down the middle. the dragonflies are little charms i had in the supply box, and i just love the 2 lights together. i hope she keeps them in the same room, as they really are a great pair!

anna's lights
anna‘s lights really blew me away! i don’t think i have the photo order correct, but you are seeing all four sides of the 2 lights she made. i just love them. she cut “grass” from 3 or 4 different green papers, and cut circles out of oilpaper and papyrus scraps. i think she should quit her job and start making stuff full-time!

jackie's lights
the first light jackie made is actually pictured in the last 2 photos, and it’s the only light i photographed with the light bulb on and off, because it was so amazing. she found the paintings in my german modern art book. she chose expressionist paintings of women that were beautiful in of themselves, but the best part is when the light is on, you see the paintings that are on the back as well. gorgeous. her second light is the first photo. she cut circles of paper, and i was very surprised by the fact that she managed to pick out all of my eieieo studio scraps from my rather large paper collection without knowing the papers come from the same company!

jenn's lights
jenn‘s lights are simplicity at its best! the first light is covered with a white paper (i know, it looks tan here, i’m so sorry!) that has gold dots. very clean and bright! the second light is covered with my green swirly paper that i’ve had forever, i’m so glad it got so much use! she finished off the light with a green ribbon. if i remember correctly, she’s giving it to a special someone that loves the color green, who will remain nameless in the off chance she reads this blog entry.

my light
lastly, me. my love of my circle punches continues. i made a simple light, which is a gift for a friend. typically i don’t have a lot of time to actually create at pARTy, as i’m helping others out, drinking lots of wine, and taking pictures. but i so thoroughly enjoy these creative nights, even if i don’t make much! but i did do a more detailed light back in november, that can be viewed here.

10 responses to “pARTy : lights”

  1. jenn says:

    awesome, love them all. I sent the link to my “special someone who likes green” so she can see what I made for her. Hope she likes it! I wanna make more. Holiday pARTy? I’ll make another cake!

  2. Anna says:

    It was so much fun! A BIG thank you to our hostess for putting together a great evening. I’m so appreciative of the creative environment she provided which allowed me to express myself this way. I love mine so much I’m afraid to put them downstairs in the family room as originally intended. Children running and jumping and all.

  3. fish says:

    i still love looking at the pictures! i’m so happy with the work – you guys never cease to amaze me! we’ll definitely make more in the future…

  4. Design for Mankind says:

    You have such a LOVELY blog!!! :)

  5. Tizzalicious says:

    I have one of those lamps, and I hate how bright it is! Maybe I should give this a try too! They all look so great!

  6. upstairs_TV_dude says:

    wow, all of those lights are amazing! what a great idea!

  7. Marichucky says:

    Love them all!!! I have three Ono lamps at home, and I’m going to do this with all of them :D Thanks for the info.

  8. Margins. says:

    Okay. So I’m a little late. But I am currently admiring the beautiful lights that were created that night. What imaginative people you guys are.

    I enjoy them a whole lot.

  9. Shelli says:

    I LOVE these ideas! They are so pretty! I bought the two pack and am making them for my mother in law. I would like to give each of my kids a side to put their personal touch on. I was thinking of painting their hands and pushing them onto the glass but I have NO IDEA what kind of paint to use. AND should I put the paint straight on the glass or put the paint on paper. I also wasn’t sure what type of paper would be best – it seams like you all used so many different types of paper. thank you for any advice you can give me!! And thank you for letting us into your artsy world!

  10. J* says:

    You have the cutest ideas! I am definitely going to make these sometime.