coptic binding @ mcba

coptic binding
last night i went to mcba‘s coptic binding workshop. i have taken it before, but it was over 3 or 4 years ago, and the binding technique never really stuck. i remember trying to teach jenn after a few glasses of wine and it was a mess! but i have book ideas for my etsy shop that involve coptic binding, and i’m itching to make them. i have the paper and ideas ready to go!

sue, the instructor, was great. she shared her knowledge, was very friendly & funny, and patient. i’m pretty sure she taught the first coptic binding workshop that i attended. buuuttt…

while the plan was to bind 2 books: one with 2 needles, the second with 4, we barely made it through the 2 needle binding. i think the process of covering book boards for 2 books and then sew them together was a bit too ambitious for a full class, which consisted of a lot of course-mates that were new to book binding. it took us a little longer than i think was expected to get past covering boards/folding signatures, leaving us with less than an hour’s time to devote to sewing/binding. we didn’t have time to explore the 4 needle technique. however, we did take some awesome curved needles home to experiment with!

despite my disappointment with not being able to spend more time on binding/sewing, i will still take mcba’s workshops, as i always learn something new from the instructors. last night’s valuable tip: teflon “bone” folders do not burnish your paper as much as traditional bone folders do. that’s big for me — i was wondering how to avoid shiny areas on my paper when utilizing the bone folder. (and frankly, as a vegetarian, my bone folders freak me out a bit – where have they come from?! please don’t tell me. but then, what does the production of teflon do to our environment? arg!)

and despite the little sad book i produced (pictured above, on the guillotine, awaiting its execution), i do feel a little more confident about coptic binding. i just will need to do a few more practice runs before i jump into the etsy projects!

5 responses to “coptic binding @ mcba”

  1. jenn says:

    Yeah!! I’ll practice with you. And make Indian. And on a bone-folder side note, my dog Loves, Loves, Loves, my bone folder. Huh.

  2. fish says:

    yay! to practicing and indian! boo to bogey wanting to chew on the bone folder!

  3. Anna says:

    Nikita used to try and steal my bone folder as well. This was a bit odd as she didn’t really care for regular dog bones unless another dog had chewed on them. I like your little polka dot book and I know Seth would like the color. Why aren’t you satisfied with the result? Is the binding loose?

  4. fish says:

    the binding is loose, and i did mess it up a few times. i also didn’t get all the signatures in, because i wanted to put the back cover on before i left. it was rushed… but i’ll keep at it!

    are you guys keeping your bone folders on the floor? ;-) my dogs have never seen one, but now i’m curious to see what they’ll do if they get a chance to sniff one…

  5. jenn says:

    Bogey could smell mine from the coffee table. It was as bad as if I was eating something. I had to put it up high and eventually in a different room because he was crying like a baby!! :p

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