that’s a wrap! (maybe)

i got the knitting bug this week, after i saw this gorgeous cowl on the wiksten-made blog the other day. i haven’t knitted a thing this winter. i did start a blanket, but after casting on 184 stitches onto one needle and ending up with 196 stitches after knitting 3 rows, i kinda gave up (heather, i don’t know how you did it!). but the cowl got me itching to make at least one warm, fuzzy thing before the winter is over.

i’ve made about 5 scarves, and i don’t need any more. so i’m trying to make a wrap. i love my fold wrap from uniform studio, but i want something bigger and cozier to have at my desk at work. something almost blanket-like, since i freeze all winter. and i can’t really bring in my fleece blankey with hockey sticks & pucks (made by my favorite goalie, ann) to swaddle myself in when clients are about…

i stopped at borealis yarns after work on thursday, and picked up a big skein of 100% peruvian highland wool (fancy!) in grey. i’m modifying the poncho pattern anna gave me last year, but instead of knitting 2 pieces and sewing them together, i’m just knitting one piece. i’ve added some stitches to make it slightly wider, and i’m going to knit until the skein is gone!

yay, it’s friday – have a great weekend! make something!

2 responses to “that’s a wrap! (maybe)”

  1. heather says:

    it takes a lot of patience …

  2. Anna says:

    Oooohhhhh! Look at those lovely even stitches.

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